Teaching Sarah(Chimp) to Read

January 6, 2011
Teaching Sarah to Read

Victor, the wild boy from France faced many problems with language. The following problems were discovered by his then trainer Itard:

1.     1.  He would name objects that were presented but would not request them by using their names.

2.     2.  He developed a gestural communication system that interfered with the language training.

3.   3.    He associated a particular name with a particular object, rather than with a class of objects.

 (Refer to Carroll, David W. (1999), Processes of Language Acquisition, Psychology of language. California: Brook/ Cole Publisher. p. 311-312.)

He symbolized many thousands of deficient children who do not spontaneously learn to speak. Quite by accident, in developing a language for a chimpanzee named Sarah, David Premack introduced a system which can be taught to profoundly deficient children.


Languages and Genes

November 12, 2010
Languages and Genes: Reflections on Biolinguistics and the Nature–Nurture Question

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